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Maitre D'armes
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Maitre Christophe Clement


As a former elite athlete, I have practiced the art of fencing for over thirty years. This sport has forged my personality and character, it has made me what I am today.

I have been a coach and instructor for over 15 years, and hold a Level 2 French State Certificate.

My successes in France as a trainer were the result of a broad-based view of each child and athlete. I took into consideration their educational and personal backgrounds while creating a training program that suited each individual needs.

I strongly believe that high level success in sport is not an aim but an outcome of self-development. This philosophy has granted me the opportunity to train many elite athletes, coaches, and Physical Education instructors.


"To the question of what a fencer has to practice in a lesson, the answer is: everything.“  Zoltan Schenker Ozoray

"You don’t need the jacket for the lesson, if you do it right you won’t get hit…"

Christ. Clement

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