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Archery & Shooting

If you're interested in starting archery  , you're in the right place!

This section contains all the information you’ll need to know about getting started in  archery, 

Archery is a fast-growing sports right across the Qatar; it has captured the imagination of over 4,000 members of Archery and shooting Qatar and many more at ‘have a go’ archery and shooting events, activity centres, holiday parks, game fairs, outdoor shows and tourist attractions all over the country.

Archery  provides discipline, respect and self improvement and builds character and self-confidence in individuals. Clement Archery_ shooting is designed to teach young children and Adults the fundamentals of archery . Our youth archery  program teaches kids the concentration, patience and confidence essential for safety and enjoyment of the sport. The focus of our program is to have fun, meet new friends and participate in a non-competitive environment.

It is a fascinating, inclusive and accessible sport that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Archery and shooting has a fun and sociable community, and it encourages personal fulfilment and friendly competition.


If you have never tried archery before or would like to get back into it, Intro Archery  is for you. It is an easy and fun way for beginners to get a complete introduction to the sport, in  fun lessons.


 On an Intro Archery course you’ll be taught how to shoot and score so that by the end, you will be confident:

• selecting your own equipment

• shooting using barebow and freestyle technique

• playing mini matches, games and scoring

• applying the safety rules


Having mastered the basics, you can then start putting these skills into practice, ready to go to the next step in archery! All you need to do is wear comfortable clothing and bring a drink.


All of the equipment will be provided for you.


WHAT’S INCLUDED Here is an example outline of an Intro Archery and shooting courses, although this may vary slightly between courses.


Step One: Hitting the Target

From the very first session the coach will take the group through the basic technique to get archers shooting their first arrows.

You will start to understand the different phases that make up a single shot and try out scoring.


Step Two: Refining your Shot

You will be introduced to freestyle shooting, given time to refine your skills for an individual phase of shooting and develop your scoring as part of a team.


Step Three: Getting the Gold

You’ll learn how to select your own equipment and practice.

Have the chance to win your first World award.


Step Four: Practise Makes Perfect

You will become more comfortable maintaining good basic form, developing your draw technique and shooting lots of arrows.


Step Five: Taking Aim

You’ll practice how to aim and release the arrow, and continue to get the feel for achieving good form.


Step Six: Putting it all Together

At this stage, you will have a good understanding of the key points to achieve basic form and show confidence selecting and handling the equipment safely, and understand the rules. 

Clement Archery & shooting
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